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Hi, my Name is Yale and I am a lifelong motorcycle enthusiast and a custom bike builder. I opened my first custom shop, Choppers Cycle Parts back in 1970 with 2 friends Joe Schab and Gerhart Neeth.

We had a lot of fun and partied way too much. Unfortunately partying superseded the business and we closed Choppers down after a year. Back then, Harley Dealers sold Harley parts and that was all. If you wanted a custom part, you had to do it by mail order that usually took about 6 weeks to get a part.

My goal has always been to find a way to quickly get Harley custom parts and accessories to my customers.

My Brother Dan Roche and I made many trips to the states, especially Minneapolis to purchase Harleys, parts and accessories for our customers. We also did a tiny bit of partying, After closing Choppers, I continued selling parts and building bikes out of my house up until 1978, when I opened Cycle Tramps. Cycle Tramps turned out to be a much more successful business with less partying and more business. After two years I sold Cycle Tramps and went back to working out of my house.

In 1999 I began to learn about the internet and decided to build an online store and started My friend Mike Fodey was a great inspiration for starting Choppers. We had a lot of fun getting it going. Choppers business grew rapidly selling parts and accessories around the world. The company expanded quickly, and we opened a US sales office and warehouse in Las Vegas. In 2007 I decided to sell Choppers and finish some of my own projects.

2010 I started Yale Custom Cycles a custom service and parts shop. I ran Yale Custom with my daughter Tamara, who is one of the best Harley parts people I know. We kept YCC open for 6 years but then the building was sold so we shut it down.

Now it is 2020 and I have decided to bring back to life. Choppers Cycle offers a great selection of Genuine Harley Parts, Custom and Performance Parts and Accessories.

We are here to help you personalize your Harley or Custom Motorcycle. Let me know if I can help in any way.

Thanks for reading
Yale is The Biker’s source for Customizing, Repairing, Restoring or Performance upgrades for Harley Davidson & Custom Motorcycles

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